Trust Me?

by in Blog Posts, Wellness March 1, 2016

To write on such a subject as trust. Do you trust me? I give you my word.

To write, something has to inspire me. Often times, a thought will come to mind and the entire piece will be written in my mind before the pen hits the paper. Regardless, an interaction, reading or creative thought has to happen before I write.

In my reflection and journal time recently, I have realized how deeply trust runs and where my own issues with trust lie. I have also witnessed how that trust or mistrust shapes our interactions with other people; my own with my husband and my kids. I am placing trust in writing this blog; that those of you who read it will only gain from it in a positive way.

I would describe my childhood as having a lack of trust. To trust is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, while feeling safe at the same time. I always trusted that my parents would take care of me (safety), but we did not discuss issues openly or talk about our feelings behind our actions (vulnerability). trust-your-hunch

Trusting is feeling…feeling is trusting. Suppressing feelings produces lack of trust.


Trust: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
Confidence, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, reliance.
Believing that everything happens for a reason.

We trust…
our kids to make good choices
our parents to take care of us
our spouse to love and support us
our friends to stick by us

We trust…
that nourishing our bodies will keep us healthy
that spring will come and the sun will shine
that our children are safe at school
that exercise will make us stronger
that the mailman will deliver the mail
that our favorite TV show will be on when it says it will be on
that popcorn will satisfy that salt craving
that the ref will make good calls in the game

But before all of that day-to-day life stuff; before you reach outside of your soul and put trust in other things and other people, the trust has to come within. I call this love and trust, God’s grace and my relationship with Him. You may call it something else. But, the underlying truth, I feel it is one in the same.

Violation of trust occurs when an understanding that is vital to your relationship is broken. For relationships to be strong, to flourish and to stand the test of time, trust lies at our center. The question is, are you centered?

What is your inclination? To trust or to mistrust?  

Do you believe that voice in your head that says “go for it” OR “something is wrong here” OR “take the risk” OR “you can do this!”
Trust that voice; it’s roots are deeper than your thoughts. Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable to life?trust yourself

Trusting is often very scary. It puts us in a state of vulnerability. It is putting ourselves out into the world, letting our guards down, letting go of the fear of being hurt by others, taking risks and expressing ourselves authentically.
I consider myself a trusting person; as well as a trustworthy person. I believe in the good in the world and that for the most part, people mean well. I am not a fan of gossip and if I tell you I will do something, I will do it.
The biggest shift for me, in strengthening trust within myself and God was recognizing where mistrust had occurred for me in my life. Once I realized where it came from, I could let it go.  Always reminding myself that I am not shaped by my past and trust comes from the center.