A fresh start

by in Fitness, Health April 19, 2012

Ok guys, so I have to blog about this.  Obviously, you can choose to read or not to read…but this is the deal.

I started a new fitness program on Monday – Les Mills Pump.  For those of you who know group fitness, Les Mills is the elite in group fitness. In my opinion, they offer the widest range of class options (from spin to yoga) and the best instruction in their classes.

Also, as many of you know, I am a Beachbody Coach. If you do not know that, you really might live in a little cave in the middle of the desert….under a boulder.  Beachbody provides the best in home fitness and nutrition programs. Across the board, from Yoga Booty to Insanity; people of all fitness levels have amazing success with these programs.

Recently, Les Mills and Beachbody formed an alliance and came out with PUMP (the program I am currently doing) – a home based, high rep/low weight 90-day workout program taught by the most knowledgable instructors and put on a set of DVD’s just for me and you 🙂

As I embarked on this new program on Monday, I also felt like my body needed a jump-start.  I had completely plateaued with my workouts and was feeling…well, just blah! So, along with starting the program I committed to doing the 3-day Shakeology cleanse.  I must say that have never been a big cleanse fan…until now! This one proved me wrong. The Shakeology cleanse consists of 3 shakes a day, green tea, a lot of water and a salad with a lean protein and light dressing for dinner (I used balsamic vinegar and olive oil). I will say that I felt quite hungry, but kept myself busy and listened to the voice in my head saying “you can do anything for 3 days!”

Let me set the stage for you without going into too much detail. Without even thinking that all of it may be connected and prior to this (I would say for the past several months, maybe more) I had developed eczema on my hands, felt bloated most of the time, had put on extra weight and was breaking out at odd times of the month. Jay would joke with me constantly saying that maybe I needed to lay off the Shakeology.

After yesterday, here are the results: clearer skin, no digestive issues at all, down 6 lbs and no bloating 🙂 The eczema on my hands is gone! Despite the reduced number of calories, I feel fantastic!  In fact due to the drastic changes over the last 3 days, I now realize that there had to be something I was eating before that I am allergic to or have an intolerance for.  So, now I am slowly adding foods back into my diet to try to figure out which food is giving me problems.  One thing I will continue doing is drinking my shake everyday.  I am also going to pay more attention to what my body is telling me.

Here’s to you and your health!!