Summer summer summer time……

by in Inspiration, & Motivation June 9, 2012

Today  – another school year is complete. Multiplication facts learned; reading levels significantly improved; friendships continued and new ones developed; each quarter ending with good grades and earned rewards. This has definitely been a year of learning on countless levels.  It has been an amazing year for our kids and their teachers made all the difference!  Jordan and Kendall both had amazing teachers whom we cannot award enough praises to.

For us, it’s the end of 1st and 3rd grade and as it seems I say EVERY year – I cannot believe how fast our kids are growing, how quickly the years pass and what fun, smart and generous individuals Jordan and Kendall are growing up to be. It seems like yesterday that they were 1 and 3, sitting with our neighbors on the front porch eating popsicles – prior to grade school, when spring blended into summer and summer into fall.

It is a different story now – school is out and summer is here! Time to celebrate their achievements and have fun in the sun.   I am excited to spend time with them this summer doing all the things that we love to do – going to the pool, spending the day on the lake, taking weekend trips, going to visit Nana and enjoying our family, heading to the beach…..and of course, keeping up with summer reading 🙂