A Weekend in Photos

by in Blog Posts, Wellness September 8, 2015

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Fall weekends in our house are usually slammed with activities. This time of year brings school events. sports, birthdays, weekend trips, anniversaries, holidays….a very packed calendar.

It was so nice to enjoy a long Labor Day weekend with family and dear friends, relaxing and truly enjoying each others company.

Friday Night Lights kicked off our weekend. Happy hour and pizza with friends before heading to the local high school football game (East vs North). Our family is in the “transition” period now where our kids vanish with their friends as soon as we arrive at the games, if not sooner! This was an interesting time to witness first hand on Friday evening with not only our son, but our daughter too!


Saturday morning was a lazy morning around the house. Most of you may know that lazy weekend mornings usually mean that I am in the kitchen trying a new recipe or preparing breakfast that I do not have time to cook during the week.
The weather may not be ready yet, but the calendar says it is time for fall…and that means all things pumpkin!!  IMG_6548So, I attempted a new recipe for pumpkin protein bites. As delicious as they were, something just wasn’t right with the consistency. I need to take another shot at them and will post the recipe once I have it nailed down. They definitely have potential and I think I know just the thing to add that will make them just right!

The rest of my day was spent working out, napping and preparing treats for my “Middle School Moms Night In,” that I hosted on Saturday night. Jay was heading out to a fantasy football draft, so what better way to spend an evening than enjoying good food and wine; being surround by fun women who talk, listen, laugh and make each other feel fabulous, supported and loved?! Despite getting to bed later than usual, I ended the evening feeling nourished and rested – knowing that all of us took the time to just “be” in those few hours together and the conversations were genuine. IMG_6544

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed another slow-paced day getting odds and ends done around the house. The kids spent the evening with friends, so Jay and I enjoyed a few hours out to dinner, overlooking the lake at sunset and uninterrupted conversation.

We had Kendall all to ourselves on Monday, which rarely happens, so we took her shopping and to a local coffee shop as a treat. #supportlocalbusiness
Her new favorite order is a decaf vanilla latte. She loves to feel “grown up” while she orders her coffee…little does she know, with me whispering behind her to use 1/2 the syrup 😉


I also realized that at some point during that coffee shop visit, she got ahold of my phone…




Our weekend came to a close grilling out last night with our dear friends, who also happen to be our neighbors 🙂 We enjoyed another delicious dinner of grilled chicken (marinated in a new sauce that I concocted this weekend),

IMG_6553grilled shrimp, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled corn, a mango/avocado salad and a heavenly bottle of red. How incredibly blessed we feel to have these friends in our lives and time spent together.

A fantastic weekend. My heart is full…
And guess what? Tomorrow is already Wednesday!
How was your Labor Day weekend?