August is My New January!

by in Inspiration, & Motivation August 4, 2013

For most of us, the month of January brings what to mind? New Year’s resolutions. A new year, new goals, new you……

Then, what happens with the rest of the year?

Why is it that we set goals in January and then 2 weeks later, we forget and just go about our lives. January 1st: Intentions are there, we all have the right mindset for at least a few days and then……..time passes and we tend to forget what we were so enthused about!

SO, here is my challenge for you!  Make August your new January! Set goals more often and make them specific. Set goals that will challenge you; because without challenge, we don’t experience change. Revisit your goals monthly, weekly, daily. Do not be afraid to change them! WRITE down your goals. Write them down and post them somewhere you spend time and will see them everyday ; on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on the refrigerator, on your computer, in your office, etc.goals

Also, share your goals with your family and friends. The more public you make your goals, the more likely you are to follow through! This is one of my challenges – I always seem to keep my goals private and maybe not set them as high as I should. But just getting back from a fabulous vacation and feeling refreshed, August is my new January and I am setting goals today!!

My goals for August are: 1) Expand my blog and write at least 2x a week. 2) Help at least 15 people on a new weight loss journey 3) Get up to 325 people on my Facebook page 4) Improving my time management and scheduling –  spend the last 3 weeks of summer really enjoying time with my kids 5) Plan a date weekend with Jay and put it on the calendar in permanent marker 6) Expand LKN Executive Women’s Group, adding charity and holiday events.

What are your goals? Share them here…..If you have no goals, where are you really headed? push yourself









Look for my blog tomorrow on 2 new delicious recipes I made this weekend!






  1. Hey! I’m interested in your 7 day shakeology clean eating challenge. Is there Still space? I Need a jump start to get out of my summer bad habits!!

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