Avocados and planning ahead!

by in Food & Nutrition February 28, 2014

If you read my blog earlier this week about Pinterest and delicious recipes, then you saw the recipe I posted for the most wonderful avocado sauce. I am certain that this will be something that I will keep in my fridge going forward because it was so easy and delicious. Not to mention that avocados are full of many essential vitamins and minerals (having more potassium than a banana), healthy fats (high in oleic acid), very low in sugar for a fruit, and are a great source of fiber and protein.  Keep in mind : fats do account for 3/4 of the calorie count in an avocados, so watch your portion sizes.Avocado

As I share with people all of the time, success with healthy eating has everything to do with planning ahead. Which brings me to the point of this blog and the mouthwatering recipe that I made this week.

Zuchinni Spagetti w/organic grape tomatoes and avocado sauce… cannot get any easier and I am telling you this was absolutely delicious and filling!

Just like everyone else on the planet, we are a busy family!!  I barely had a chance to return emails this week, let alone watch the clock strike 6pm and have no plan for dinner. However, because I had planned ahead and doubled this recipe for my avocado sauce, I had a wonderfully healthy and quick dinner on my way out the door Wednesday night.


Don’t stop at the drive-thru…just do a little planning ahead 🙂