Be Content in Discomfort

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation December 9, 2015

It’s a rainy Tuesday. Why not try something new today tomorrow or this week?
Step out of your comfort zone…

Are your days comparable to a hamster on a wheel? Same old, same old?
Same morning routine. Same drive to work. Same breakfast. Same break time. Same people at lunch. Same workout. Same show on TV. Same evening ritual. Same dinners each week.

I must admit, I am guilty, to some extent. But doesn’t this “same old” day sound REALLY quite boring to you? It does to me.

I am definitely a creature of habit in many ways. I like my days to start off the same. I enjoy taking time to read & pray in the morning. I always drive the same route around town. I eat at generally the same times. I go to bed at the same time (most nights). And part of me likes this routine. I thrive and function better off of a routine.

But, here’s the thing – what if I get off of my routine a little? What if I step OUT of that routine comfort zone and experience newness?
Will I survive? Yes.
Will I enjoy it? Maybe, maybe not.
Will I learn something new? Most likely.
Will I feel more alive? Quite possibly.

Really, what is the worst thing that could happen if TODAY I try something new, something different, something that I ordinarily wouldn’t do?
I am thinking that the worst thing that can happen is I go back to my “normal routine.” I can only GAIN from stepping out and experiencing more of life!!

So this morning, I switched it up a bit. I got up a little later. I chose a workout that I don’t ever do because I don’t like it, because it is hard. I spent some extra time reading and prayed a little longer.

So far, I feel at peace. Embracing the small but significant change…being content where I am in each moment. Which was a bit challenging as I approached the yoga mat this morning and repeatedly thought to myself, “sit in the discomfort, this is part of the journey.”IMG_6647

Will you try it? What can you do differently this week that may bring joy into your life?
Try a new food. Shop at a new store that you have always wondered about, but never gone in. Eat lunch with someone new. Schedule a coffee with someone you want to get to know better. Drive a different route home from work. Pick up a book you wouldn’t usually choose. Try a new class. Go to a new restaurant.

Share with us your thoughts and what you experience…