Be Proud & Support Your Farmers

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation July 4, 2015



I hope you all have a chance to celebrate today with family and friends; share in red, white & blue fun and food and be proud of this extraordinary country that we live in.

Thank you to ALL military who serve and have served to allow us the daily freedoms that we are so blessed to have.


I started my morning with an awesome workout ( T25 Speed 3.0 and The Pyramid) a hot cup of coffee, summer berries, and mouth-watering mango, time for daily prayer and reading. It is quiet in my house; the kids are still sleeping and I am about to head into the Fit Envy Kitchen to cook up some new recipes before we relax by the water this afternoon and let the kids play.IMG_5889

Summertime brings bountiful seasonal fruits and veggies!  Peaches are a favorite in our house…I must stop by the local peach stand 3 times a week 😉 BUT, if that is what the kids want to snack on, I am more than happy to oblige.
This peach topic also reminds me of a conversation with a friend this week. She mentioned to me how Walmart has the tastiest peaches right now. While this may be true because it is peach season, for those of us in the Lake Norman area (and any area for that matter) we are much better off buying local. Better nutrients, better quality and we are

supporting our local farmers!!

We have a fantastic little peach stand here in Lake Norman on Hwy 16,  owned by the sweetest family. What they grow and pick, you eat. And when they are out, they are closed. Best peaches EVER! If you are lucky and stop in early enough they also have tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini right now.

Do you have a favorite local farmer, farmers market or stand you buy from?  Share the info with us in comments 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and have a very happy 4th!!