Dive In or Pull the Plug?

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation January 5, 2018

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As the beginning of 2018 arrived as quickly as Santa came down the chimney, this week I found myself journaling visions for the year to come. Anticipating nothing but success with these visions, I journaled details and steps on how to achieve them. One of the steps, being to take ONE step at a time. I can easily overwhelm myself daily, weekly, monthly by thinking I can get TOO much done with TOO little time. This only leads to added stress. ONE step at a time, on a timeline.

The past year has allowed me the opportunity to work as a Wellness Coach for a company in Charlotte assessing diabetic health risks, counseling for other lifestyle diseases, and implementing new wellness solutions for employees. Consequently, I have not spent as much time on my Fit Envy business; networking in my community, providing individualized and group nutrition and wellness plans.

At the beginning of this week, in speaking with Jay and setting visions, it came to me…
It is either time to dive back in or pull the plug on Fit Envy. Sometimes it is just time for change. I asked my hubby and closest friends about it. I prayed. I journaled. And that same day I had my husband say “dive in,” my friends say “stick with it,” and a message from a lifelong friend saying “I need your help with healthy eating!”

I believe in signs, not coincidence. Universal shifts. Life’s ups and downs. It all part of the plan. OK, God. I hear you. I hear those who care about me the most. Stick with it. Dive in. Do more.

I will give it 6 months.

So here is my first thought for 2018.

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If YOU are one of the 90% of Americans who set a resolution to diet and lose weight…
If you are on the Keto train, still trying Adkins, obsessed with the low-carb craze…
Don’t even wait until February to fail or fall off the wagon. 
Thow in the towel NOW!

Make this year different! Start small. Stick with your plan and build on successful GOALS that will lead to your VISION!
Part of the reason we fail is that we set goals but do not map out the way we are going to get there. Make this year different.

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And if you happen to be ONE of those people who want to make LIFESTYLE changes that last OR if you happen to be someone or a business owner in the Lake Norman area who could use some help achieving YOUR vision this year, please reach out to me. I want to hear from you!

Wishing you all the best in 2018 and beyond,