Do You Dream?

by in Inspiration, & Motivation, Wellness October 13, 2014

Thank you God; it was an absolutely picture perfect day as we rode our beach cruisers around the modest town of Southport, NC on Saturday. A small water town with the friendliest of people, out and about on what was probably one of the most gorgeous Saturdays of the year….


Spending the weekend with one of my dearest friends and her daughters;  I found myself in thought, reflection and conversation about the important things in life. One simple thought that… is not a dress rehearsal.

imagesThis is it. This is our chance. To live, love, laugh and cherish every moment. To make a difference. Take the good with the bad. Learn from our mistakes. To serve. To grow. Embrace and cherish our relationships. Be our best. Be present. Be happy.

That one simple thought makes ANY excuse to put “things” off seem futile.

Another thought and topic of conversation…what does your perfect day look like? From the time you wake to the time you go to bed. How would you spend your time? Do you know? Have you ever given yourself a chance to daydream about it?  It’s pretty awesome!  Take the time to dream….

And then talk about it with your spouse or significant other. Check to see if that dream aligns with the hopes and dreams of the people you love and spend the most time with. It was awesome to do this with my husband and see that our perfect days are almost exactly the same.

Enjoy and have an inspiring week!IMG_4390