Easter Baskets!

by in Food & Nutrition, Kids Health April 9, 2014

EasterEaster is especially late this year and also creeping up on us quickly!

What does Easter mean for your family? The Easter bunny, an egg hunt, church on Sunday morning, brunch with family and friends, jelly beans, Easter baskets, special traditions, spring weather, pretty dresses, chocolate eggs, Easter candy…….. and more candy?!?!

I was actually shopping at Earth Fare (similar to a Whole Foods or Fresh Market depending on where you live) last week and found chocolate Easter bunnies WITHOUT a bunch of chemicals, soy emulsifiers and hydrogenated oils! I was thrilled and picked up one for each of the kids 🙂

But Easter baskets don’t need to be overflowing with sugar-laden treats that have our children eating chocolate eggs for Easter morning breakfast and bouncing off the walls, only to crash by the time we head out the door to church or to brunch.

Of course we all want to share the joy of Easter with our kids and the overflowing American Easter basket that symbolize the holiday. Hopefully, we are also teaching them about the resurrection of Jesus and what Easter truly means; regardless of religious beliefs.

I have always tried to fill my kids baskets with alternatives to candy. They don’t need all of that garbage and probably would rather have another special gift from that over-sized, floppy-eared rabbit! So think outside the candy box this year…..

Here is a practical and effective list from one of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Leake, with 100 days of real food. She has some great tips on items to add to your kids’ Easter baskets, instead of all that candy.

Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas