Eat Clean – Day 1 – Food Journaling

by in Food & Nutrition January 7, 2013

Good Lord – where has today gone?!?  If you are part of the 21 day eat clean challenge and you are not on Facebook, then you did not see my post first thing this morning about journaling your food.  To assist you in staying on track with healthy clean eating, it may  be a good idea to journal your food.  You can use good old-fashioned pencil and paper, take pictures or use your notes app on your smart phone.  This is not necessary but some of you may find it helpful now and at the end of the 21 days, when you may want to look back at what you ate over the course of the challenge.

Personally, I am using the notes app on my iPad to keep track if my foods.  Most of us are always looking for ideas and suggestions and want to know what others are eating, so I will share with you all what I have eaten today.

Breakfast – grapefruit, steel-cut oats w/ blueberries and pecans, coffee. AM snack: rice cake w/ almond butter and banana. Lunch: spinach & arugula salad w/ grilled salmon (leftover – no I did not grill salmon for lunch!), red onion, avocado and balsamic, chick peas and an orange.  PM snack : chocolate Shakeology made with greek yogurt.

food journal

Mondays are ALWAYS crazy for us, so I usually try to make food on Sunday that we can eat for dinner on Monday night too!  Tonight – veggie chili!! If you are interested, the recipe is under the Food & Nutrition tab/Healthy Foods Column.

I hope you all have had a fabulous day so far and are looking forward to a deliciously healthy dinner tonight! If you have a good recipe to share and you are on the Eat Clean Challenge email list – please respond and share it!!

More tomorrow!  Here’s to you and your health in 2013!