Fearless 2015

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation January 5, 2015

I sat in church yesterday morning with my family an listened to a sermon on “living your best life.”  Headed into the new year, I was excited to attend church yesterday and needed it –  as I am sure most of us do who are passionate about improving our lives this year.

Really, who would want to live LESS-than their best life?

Aron, our pastor, talked about being present, facing your fears, not letting anything hold you back, and the fear of failure. He explained how NOT trying something is 100x worse than trying and failing.

Proverbs 24:16a, NIV For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.

He painted a clear picture for setting goals for the year ahead and praying about them…inviting positive thoughts into our minds for success and fulfilling our goals and dreams. Light-in-Heart.png

We have heard this sermon before. Sometime. Someplace. In a book, in a blog, on a webinar, in a class…..its about personal development, mindset and living your life how you want to and how God intended. We have heard it before, haven’t we?

He also touched on realistic goals and not taking on TOO many goals at the same time. For then, life becomes overwhelming and what happens when most of us are overwhelmed? We are human. We shut down. It is a coping mechanism.

This was a good reminder for me that it is OK not to tackle EVERY goal that I have set for myself all at once. There is a timeline in our lives and maybe some of my goals are supposed to be accomplished a couple years from now. That doesn’t mean I forget them; it just means I have them on hold.

The thing is that God has placed talents, beliefs, trust, capabilities in each of us…but do we value them enough to ACT?

And the question then becomes what IS holding you back? What do you need to face so that you can LIVE your best life?

AND, are we following through? Do we truly face our fears or just listen and get caught up in “life” again? Do we actually take time to name our fear and address it?

What it comes down to is verbally naming our fears to have the capability to take action and then fearlessly go after our goals.

So, I am inviting you today – take 5 minutes of quiet reflection and really think if there is something in your life holding you back from a dream or a goal.  Then, what is ONE thing you can do today to help punch that fear in the face?

I will be honest with you, fear of failure holds me back in a lot of things! What if I let someone down? What if I am not successful? What if I mess up?

This year, my #1 resolution is to not let fear get the best of me – in any situation! I HAVE to move past it and work through it. Trusting in God and trusting in myself. I will not let fear have a greater hold on me, than I have on it.



Name your fear. As soon as you do, it’s power will diminish and you will begin to have the upper hand.