“Fit into Those Jeans” Fall 30-Day Challenge

by in Beachbody September 18, 2013

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 Fall is almost here and we ALL want to fit into those jeans!

Well, this challenge is for EVERYONE!!

 Along with one of my all-star coaches, we have been running 7-Day Clean Eating/Shakeology challenges once a month for the past several months; and people are getting amazing results!!  Our last group 10 people lost 47 pounds in ONE week; and yes, they had plenty to eat!

There are only 4 simple things that they are committing to:

  • Drinking  one Shakeology per day
  • Following the assigned meal plan
  • Being as active as possible
  • Engaging in an online accountability group

These people have done so well, that we want to do a 30 day challenge with as many people as we can get involved!  We want to see you succeed and feel fantastic! All you need to do for the 30-day challenge is:

  • Go to and learn more on Shakeology nutrition
  • Order your 30 day bulk bag of Shakeology (your flavor of choice) on auto ship by 9/23!!
  • Send me an email to  titled, “I am committed to 30 days,” to let me know that you are joining us.

That’s it!  After you join, we will give you access to the meal plan, fitness and nutrition tips and our online accountability group for support and motivation! AND if you don’t see results or are unhappy in any way, you can get your money back with our “bottom of the bag” guarantee! In the end you will be saving money on groceries by sticking to the meal plan and by getting your 30 day supply of Shakeology, as opposed to doing a month of 7-Day challenges!!  I can’t wait for us all to get started and see the results!

If you have questions or want to know more about why Shakeology is the best nutrition for your body…..follow this video link or contact me via email or cell.

“Life’s most important investment is in you and your health.”

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