Food and Art? Art and Food?

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition January 17, 2017

Ask me if I am “artsy” and I would say NO WAY. I cannot draw anything more than a stick figure.

I cannot play the violin, guitar, drums or even my recorder from 3rd grade, for that matter. I am not a poet (although sometimes try to be) and I cannot sing. Not even when I am alone.

When it comes to decorating my house, it is an uphill battle. I have an idea, go to the store to fulfill it and come home with nothing because my “creative” brain gets overwhelmed with choices and checks out.

Am I artsy? No.
Am I a foodie? Absolutely.
And I get excited about my love for being creative with foods.
I think this is where the majority of us get overwhelmed and “check out” when it comes to our food choices.
Too many choices. Too many “rules.” Too many opinions. Too much MIS-information.

Just as with anything “artsy” or creative, success comes with being open to trying new things and figuring out what works for you…wouldn’t you agree?

Do you think that van Gogh would have created The Starry Night if he had said, “it will have one building, 3 stars and a full moon” and left it at that?

If something works for you, stick with it!  But if you desire something new, a change, it’s time to be open to that change and get creative.

My creativity is not in painting or decorating, but in creating food and new recipes. Each recipe or food item is a new form of inspiring creativity.

Salads. I love them. I eat at least one every single day. Salads are not a “diet restriction’ for me, but a canvas to create a new masterpiece. I look forward to my salads each day!

In fact, I just had a friend mention to me about this very topic last week – my creative salads.

I invite you to try getting away from the romaine/cucumber/tomato route this week and try one of these combos over a spinach/romaine blend!

– roasted garlic red potatoes, sun dried tomatoes and feta
– grilled chicken, wild blueberries and avocado
– grilled red peppers, red onion, sliced mango and lime juice
– chick peas, tomato, avocado and diced red onion
– caramelized onion, hard boiled egg and sunflower seeds
– sautéed eggplant, capers and feta
– roasted asparagus, sundried tomatoes and shaved parmesan
– tuna, avocado, sweet onion and broccoli florets
– roasted beets, avocado, pumpkin seeds and lime juice
– ground organic turkey, avocado, scallions and cherry tomatoes

**Food prep note**  I make all of the “extras” for my salads ahead of time (the night or day before) so that they are super simple the throw together in less that 5 minutes!

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you…post below in comments 😉 Enjoy!