Goals going forward

by in Beachbody, Inspiration, & Motivation January 28, 2013

21 days – didn’t that go by quickly!!  I am sad that this challenge has come to an end; it has been an amazing 3 weeks!  I have really enjoyed the questions, comments and hearing from many of you throughout each week.  I received several calls and emails over the weekend from people sharing their thoughts about the past 3 weeks.  One point  that repeatedly came up was that people were feeling much less bloated and some who had weighed in at the beginning of the 21 days, had lost weight.  Others shared how they are really looking at labels and noticing the food items that they thought were healthy, really are not.  Eye opening!!

A few challengers posted on my Facebook page the following comments:

  • “Water good!!!ha”
  • “You just have to do a little planning and you can eat really great meals that are REAL and good for you! Makes you feel great and energized!”
  • “I was always intrigued by the concept but thought “who has time for that!” Turns out you really can do it and it doesn’t take hardly any extra time with some planning!! I have found great new foods and recipes for the whole family!!”
  • “My kids are willing to eat the crazy food I prepare for them…I’ve tended to make a separate dinner for them because I didn’t think they would like “adult” food. But for this challenge, I prepared one dinner for our family each night – and they ate it most nights.”
  • “My family’s favorite recipes can be cleaned up and still taste great. We love baked ziti. For the clean eating challenge, I switched from white ziti pasta to Trader Joe’s brown rice penne pasta (ingredients: brown rice and water) My family didn’t even notice – it was just as tasty.e and water). My family didn’t even notice – it was just as tasty.”

Thank you to everyone who shared your thoughts, feelings, recipes, successes with me over the past 3 weeks!  I would love to hear more from all of you – what motivates you when it comes to health & fitness?  What other types of challenges would you be interested in? What goals have you set for yourself this year? If you lost weight or achieved a goal for yourself from this challenge – please, share your story!

Of course it is only fair that if I ask these things of you, that I share my own thoughts and feelings. So, here are a few things that I learned over the past 3 weeks:

  • Like many of us, my biggest challenge with eating clean is social gatherings.
  • I need to share more what I am eating. I had so many people ask what I was eating and how to make the things I eat.  So now I will add recipes to my pictures!
  • When it is cold out, I have a harder time drinking enough water.  So I either have to use a straw or make hot herbal tea with nothing added – yes, that counts as water!
  • You all have found some awesome recipes over the past 3 weeks.  Keep sharing them!  Post on here as a comment or on my Fit Envy NC Facebook page.

As far as goals, sharing them with a family member or friend and making them public is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I spent one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago designing my 2013 vision board; and this year my list of goals is lengthy. If you have never done a vision board, I highly recommend it.  It is a creative and fun way to express your dreams and aspirations. With Jay’s help, Jordan and Kendall have even gotten into doing their own vision boards each year and hanging them in their rooms.

My vision board for this year is still a work in progress, but some of the things on it are:

  •         work hard all week so that the weekend is spent with family and friends
  •         get one house project done a month
  •         develop a better tracking system and be more organized
  •          LISTEN with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply!
  •          Register for 2 races (Spartan, warrior dash, mud run, cooper river)
  •          Get PiYO certified & be teaching group fitness 4x/week
  •          Expand nutrition certification
  •          ALWAYS be reading a personal development book
  •          Plan Napa vacation

It goes on and on.  Try it – make a vision board for yourself; on the computer, cut quotes or pictures out of magazines, baor

Have an amazing week, everyone!!