Happy Hours (just back from vacation)…

by in Inspiration, & Motivation, Wellness July 20, 2011

One of my most cherished times in life is sitting on the beach at dusk, absorbing all it has to offer. It is about 5:00 – 5:30pm. A fresh lime slice sends my ice-cold Corona fizzing to the top of the bottle.  The crystal blue canopy appears as a freshly painted canvas with feathery strips of white.  I notice the pale grey sphere of the full moon perched in the sky that seems worlds away, yet almost close enough to touch. The mesmerizing endlessness of the cobalt sea spans the horizon, while what remains of the energetic sunny day is a blanket of warmth. Behind me, the dunes resemble small mountain ranges of ivory that separate the bustle of summer tourism and this world of tranquility. Long grasses emerging from the dunes dance in the sultry late afternoon breeze. There is a soft harmony here: the cries of seagulls as they look for dinner; muffled conversations of the few people who remain from a day in the sand; and the calmness of the waves lapping the shoreline with champagne bubbles. The top layer of sand at my feet is still warm from the sun’s rays, but gives way to a new coolness as I bury my toes.  I take a deep breath of the warm salty air and exhale slowly, as if all of the worry in the world would leave my body with that breath. Sitting in this place, I am consumed by the Earth’s beauty, all of her magnificence and ability to promote serenity, encompassing happiness and peace.