Healthy Eats Around the Lake

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition July 8, 2015

Serving DinnerThe average American eats out 4.5 times per week.
In fact, the Commerce Department reports this year that for the first time ever in the U.S., people are spending more on eating out than on groceries.

However, the larger issue poses the question; are these people paying attention to the healthier options on the menu or are they just mindlessly choosing what looks good or contains the greatest “value?”

Let’s hope that Americans are making better choices and are ready to change lifestyle statistics: 1 in 3 adults diagnosed overweight/obese and Type 2 Diabetes rates TRIPLED in the last 20 years.

Healthy food is out there and in our restaurants, but you have to WANT to make that choice and ask the questions.

  • Could I substitute whole grain pasta for white?
  • Do you have brown rice?
  • May I have olive oil instead of butter?
  • Is it possible to grill the chicken instead of sautéing? 
  • Can I have oil & vinegar for my salad, on the side?

Ask, ask, ask….we are what we eat! Every cell in our bodies functions from what we consume.  The food we eat is the fuel for us to function properly, every day.

With several well-known fast food chains recently removing preservatives and artificial dyes from their menus, others closing their doors and even more restaurant chains making strides to locally source their food and remove GMO’s, it is becoming much easier to eat out and eat healthy!!

Businesses are finally saying,
“We are paying attention and we care about food quality
and the health of our customer

I am very picky about where I eat and do not eat out a lot because I love to cook and I know how challenging it can be to find healthy food in restaurants. Here are my top 5 healthy picks around Lake Norman.

Lindsey’s Top 5:

– The Pickled Peach (Davidson)

– Harvest Moon Grill (new location, 8594 150 Terrell Ln, Terrell)

– Whole Foods Lake Norman (Huntersville)

– Eez Fusion & Sushi (Huntersville)

– The Fresh Chef (Cornelius)

Gorgeous spread for the Customer Advisory Panel meeting at Whole Foods LKN

Gorgeous spread for the Customer Advisory Panel meeting at Whole Foods LKN

Lindsey’s Top 5 Specialty Shops:

– The Enchanted Olive (Mooresville)

– Savory Spice Shop (Birkdale)

– Clean Juice (Birkdale)

– Maddy’s Fattys (Cornelius)

– The Bradford Store (Huntersville/Davidson)