How was Your Trip?

by in Blog Posts, Spiritual November 15, 2018

How was your trip?

13 of us. All female. 5 days. My first mission trip. Kendall’s first time flying and her first mission. We were able to go due to the generosity of our family, friends, neighbors, and community. We flew out in the middle of a hurricane.
God was so present, it was tangible.

How was your trip?

For days I was not quite sure how to even respond to that question. I felt incredibly appreciative of everyone who asked and friends who wanted to hear the stories and details of our mission trip to Abaco, Bahamas.  And while I wanted to share and wished for the sharing to be part of our journey, I found myself at a loss for words for days after we returned.

I now know and take comfort that I was not alone with these mixed emotions. In reminiscing and recounting our days with the mission team over dinner last week, many of these feelings were mutual amongst the group.

How was your trip?

48-72 hours after we returned I was finally able to share details and stories with excitement and joy. I still cannot necessarily put into words those few days of feelings after we landed back in Charlotte late that Monday night; except for that they were overwhelming. If I tried my best, I would say I felt a large sense of calm, peace, being grounded, sadness, appreciation. This trip was so life-changing, so uplifting and eye-opening and God was so present, that finding words to sum it up seems inappreciable.

How was your trip?

Bonding. Inspiring. Eye-opening. Completely filled with grace, abundant love and the Holy Spirit.

If I had to pick just one thing out of the thousand glimpses of God during the entire trip it would be the human connections. Connections between the leaders; connections and laughter between our 5 middle school aged girls; connections made at the local high school between our group, the teachers, the Bahamian and Haitian kids, our kids; connections with our missionary family, the Swings; connections between the teenage girls of The Mud neighborhood, connections between families who have no relation but their bonds stand thicker than blood.

Human connections. The proof that we are all the same. Despite our background, our education, the way we were raised, our age, the color of our skin or shape of our bodies, our beliefs…we CAN all connect and relate with love and grace.

God’s hand was in it all from the moment we met at 4:30 am in the pouring rain through this present moment right now.

How was your trip?

Thanks for asking!! When are we going back?