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by in Blog Posts, Wellness October 23, 2015

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TGIF!!! HERE WE ARE – Day 5!  Did you try something new this week? Do you feel successful with eating whole, clean, nutrient dense foods? Here is the menu for today, but first I want to share 2 things that I keep in my kitchen AND bathroom, all of the time, as they both have multiple uses and health benefits.


Have 1-2 tbsps a day

1. Helps balance pH
in the body

2. Removes stains from teeth

3. Aids in weight loss

4. Detoxifies

5. Helps eliminate yeast from your body

6. Great for lymphatic system

7. Reduces heartburn

8. All natural multi use cleaning agent and facial toner 🙂



1. Weight stabilization

2. Boosts metabolism

3. Supports immune system

4. Slows aging of skin

5. Aids blood sugar and cholesterol regulation

6. Helps stabilize energy

7. A great moisturizer and make-up remover

8. Helps whiten teeth

9. Used to detox/cleanse (oil pulling)

10. Great addition to your morning coffee! and doubles as a lip balm while you drink 🙂

Breakfast: Oatmeal & Banana
1/2 cup oats
1/2 banana, sliced
2 tbsp raw pumpkin seeds
cinnamon, to taste
1 tsp drizzle local honey

Snack 1: 1 cup mixed fruit/berries topped with 1 tbsp each shredded coconut and almonds

Lunch: Chicken and Hummus Lettuce Wrap
3 oz. broiled or grilled chicken, sliced thinly
1 tbsp hummus
½ cup of alfalfa sprouts
2 slices of tomato
3 slices of cucumber
3 lettuce leaves
*serve with side salad: mixed greens, 1 carrot, 1 celery, 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar

Snack 2: Crudités and Cheese
1 cucumber and 1 red bell pepper cut into slices
1 oz cheddar cheese

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Avocado Sauce
Cut squash in ½ lengthwise and remove seeds. Flip inside face down in roasting dish and cook in 400 degree oven for 35 minutes. Scrape flesh of squash out with a fork to make “spaghetti.”
Add 2 large handfuls of fresh organic spinach to squash and cover to let the spinach wilt.
Combine 1-2 avocados, ½ cup chopped parsley, 2 minced garlic cloves, juice of ½ a large lime, kosher salt, pepper and dash of cayenne in a food processor until creamy.
Top squash/spinach mixture with avocado sauce.

HApPy fRIdAY!!!



  1. Love this image! Glad i opened it this morning on my way to the starting line! It is just what my nerves needed!!!

    Here goes nothin’!!!


    Envoyé de mon iPhone ??


    • Rach – you are an amazing inspiration!!! I am so thankful for your lifelong friendship and support…it means more to me than you know. How did the race go??

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