by in Blog Posts, Wellness February 22, 2015

Yes!  Anything in life worth living for, being a part of, having success with, enjoying is HARD WORK. If it were easy, EVERYONE would have IT.

We work hard to get good grades. To become better readers. To excel in sports. To get into college. To perfect our resumes. To write the perfect paper. To succeed in business. To get that promotion. To be healthy. To make more money. To eat better. To lose weight. To save. To buy that car. To build the house we have always dreamed of. To travel. To do more. Most of us WORK HARD to achieve these things.

But, just stop for a minute and just think about this….

Is there ONE thing; the most important thing that is missing from that list?

What is the one thing in all of our lives that we EXPECT to come easy? We expect it to just happen effortlessly. It is THE most important thing we need to work at, yet most of us believe that it should come naturally.

That ONE thing is in our relationships with others. Our connections to the people in our lives who mean the most to us. WHY do we just expect these to happen with no effort?

Meaningful relationships take the effort. And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to put forth the extra effort it takes to cultivate true and meaningful relationships?

Marriage is hard. Not necessarily, but it does require WORK. Work on your own self, work on communication and working together.

Being a parent is hard. Yes, and it takes a lot of work. Work to have an open, trusting relationship with your children and balancing that fine line of friendship and discipline.

Friendship. Is not hard, but is a 2 way street that takes love, effort, listening, forgiveness and understanding. It is work.

Being a son/daughter. Honor thy parent. This is not always something that comes easy; it may be hard at times. It takes work.

These most important relationships in our lives may or may not be hard, but they do take work and the work is WORTH it!!  Just like the work we put into every other area in our lives…the hard work pays off.

These are just my thoughts for a Sunday afternoon. Please share yours in comments!

Go into this week knowing that the extra effort and work you invest in your relationships is WORTH IT! The more you give, the more you will receive. Give a little extra this week.