It’s an Emotional Day

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation June 8, 2016

Today – the end of another school year and beginning of summer.

These days are emotional for some of us who watch our kids grow up so quickly before our eyes, only wishing we could at times push the pause button or at least put life on slo-mo. Wasn’t it just yesterday that their backpacks were bigger than they were?!
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There is an excitement at this time of year; summer is here, testing is done, celebrations for a “job well done” through the school year are in order, the pool is open!  It is time for some fun with friends, summer camps and vacations with family. Who doesn’t love summer?!!summer-445x260

Summer is fantastic – but what is this roller coaster of emotion that I am experiencing?? It is overwhelming, luring in the background; bittersweet memories and future hopes and dreams for our children. Feelings of sadness, excitement, anxiety, pride, accomplishment, fear, joy…on this last day of school.IMG_8152

At least I know that I am not in this alone from all of the messages and conversations I have had with friends this week.

Our kids are growing up right before our eyes. I think Jordan grew 3 inches last night!  It seems like a week ago that they were in Kindergarten…and now, ours are BOTH going to be in middle school. Middle school!  IMG_8148

The thing is, they are ready. They are thriving and learning and experiencing life – and it brings us so much joy to watch them do that. We are doing our best, as parents, to encourage them to soar while holding on at the same time.

Stemming from a seminar I heard at church last weekend and heading into this summer, I want to focus on patience, compassion, humility, kindness and gentleness with not only our kids but with all of the kids who populate our home on a daily basis. We need to love on them all and cherish every day and moment.  inspiring_friendship_life_love_family_wisdom_quote_077_quote