It’s Been a Week

by in Blog Posts, Wellness June 1, 2016

Participants of the No Sugar Challenge (and those of you who were just following along)…

It has been one week since we ended our 10 Day No Sugar Challenge and I wanted to touch base with you all to see how you are doing!

First, I sincerely hope that you all learned something over the 10 days. Even if you were not fully successful with cutting out all added sugar, hopefully you were spending some more time looking at labels, making some changes in your house, or keeping a closer eye on how much sugar is in the food items that your kids are eating.

I received some encouraging post-challenge messages:
“Thanks so much for the 10 day sugar free challenge. I was mostly successfully. I have lost 2.4 pounds which encourages me!!! Best thing was it has gotten me back on track to portions and what I am eating.”

“I have lost over a pound and the challenge isn’t even over with yet.”

“I cannot believe how much sugar is in simple things like barbecue sauce! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me and hosting this challenge. It is exactly what I needed.”

“I’ve been excellent this week!”

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and feelings over the 10 days.

Second, if you all did notice a change in how you felt and what you were eating, I hope that you are continuing down that path. If you need additional nutritional support, please reach out to me.

Third, if you recall on the last day I posted a food label and asked if anyone could take a guess as to what it was. It was a label with lots of ingredients that you probably couldn’t pronounce, but an item that MANY of us are consuming on a daily mate

The answer to what this label is: COFFEE CREAMER. If you are a coffee drinker, make sure you are enjoying your coffee for the coffee and not for the added very highly processed sweetener.

Have a naturally sweet rest of your week!you're sweet enough print final