Do a Little a Lot, Instead of a Lot a Little

by in Blog Posts, Lifestyle February 2, 2018

“External performance is ultimately a reflection of internal commitment.”

Give the opportunity that you have been given, the respect that it is due. Commit to yourself.

“Lindsey’s 30-day health and fitness challenge provided me with the incentive, accountability, and teamwork I needed to achieve my goals and see true results in just 4 weeks.  After the challenge, I was my best self both physically and emotionally, lost inches in my waistline and was able to continue the healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived of my favorite foods.  I highly recommend Lindsey’s 30-day challenge to start your health journey toward being your best self!”

I have hosted many many challenges over the years: Sugar-less Challenge, Move More Challenge, Squat Challenge, Fresh Food Challenge, Clean Eating Challenge, 30-Day Challenge, Be Well Challenge, Plank Challenge…you name it, I have hosted some form of it.

But, the truth is, these challenges are just a TOOL to get YOU headed in the right direction. I am available to help you “jump-start” and for continued accountability (nutrition services, meal plans, cooking classes, seminars) and then to sit back and watch you soar!

“The bottom line is that accountability means letting your actions rise above your excuses.”

Who is challenging yourself this year? Staying fit; physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

What are you going to do this year that is NEW to you?

Do you need a jump start? A follow-up?

Let me hear from you 🙂
Happy Friday!