Monday Scents & Cinnamon

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition October 19, 2015


I am an early riser. Morning is the time of day when I am at my best. In fact, one of my favorite moments is to wake early and watch the sunrise (at the beach – or over the lake, driving in the car, from my front yard). A repeated miracle and blessing each day, that leaves me awestruck every single time; taking the time that allows me that glorious glimpse into the grace of God.

As much as I wish to watch the sunrise each day, most mornings are filled with workouts, getting kids off to school, breakfast, reading and beginning my day.
This morning I was up early to make the kids breakfast and bake some homemade granola for the week. The house filled with scents of orange, coconut and cinnamon. That recipe can be found in healthy snacks on the Fit Envy app!

If you have checked out the 5 day meal plan (and now the granola) you may notice that I use cinnamon in many recipes. One of my favorites spices and so versatile – it is the perfect compliment to so many fall dishes!



  • fight against bacterial and fungal infections
  • improve glucose and lipid levels
  • to prevent Alzheimer’s
  • cure stomach bugs
  • aid IBS symptoms
  • to prevent some cancers
  • increase circulation

Is a powerful antioxidant and much more 🙂 So sprinkle away!

Let me hear from you!  Post your goals for this week in comments.
Happy Monday!


  1. Delicious breakfast this morning! So much more food than I usually give myself! Yummers

    • 🙂 Glad that you enjoyed it! Eating a healthy, nutrient dense breakfast allows us to begin our day in fullness of mind, body and spirit. Energized. You will find that eating this way will keep you satisfied longer, keep your metabolism going strong and you may not even need that snack between meals. Enjoy your day. Thanks for sharing, praythinklove <3

  2. Delicious Yummers breakfast!

  3. I can smell this….orange, coconut and cinnamon. This would be good breakfast fixin’s for Turkey day weekend. Just a thought.

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