More GF, Mom?!

by in Food & Nutrition, Inspiration, & Motivation, Wellness May 11, 2014

It’s Day 7 and I invite you all to continue your gluten-free journey into the coming week! I hope over the past 7 days that you have become more aware and noticed where gluten lies in the food you are eating and some of the effects it can have on your body.

I have much more that I want to share on this topic and have had several requests on topics to touch on; so, I am going to continue blogging on the ever-so popular gluten issue  into this week to share more valuable information and education with you all.

However, today I thought it would be appropriate to focus on

Mother’s Day!!


I want to acknowledge all of the amazing mothers in my life who are an inspiration to everyone around them.

Happy Mother’s Day to those near and far, here with us on Earth and those here with us in spirit.

My girlfriends – you all are a blessing to me and I am so thankful that you are in my life!!  I learn from you each day and you make me want to be a better person and mom!

Most of all, Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful, encouraging, loving, caring and supportive MOM. I am so incredibly thankful for you and cannot even imagine what my life would be like without being able to call and talk to you every day.  Each day, I reflect and appreciate  that you raised us with good values and taught us the importance of healthy eating and quality food 🙂  I love you, Mom!!


To all moms out there – cheers to you!! Enjoy, relax and celebrate 🙂