Mt. Dew at 9am?!

by in Food & Nutrition September 18, 2012

Just this morning, after a visit to the dentist and dropping the kids at school, I made a quick run to Walmart for a few anomalous items.  It was about 9:15am. Checking out with my cork board, dental floss and bananas in the express line, I could not help but notice the man being rung up in front of me. Dressed in a shirt, tie and dress pants (that looked a little too tight if you know what I am saying) and donning a Walmart badge on his right lapel; he purchased 3 items. I thought,  he must have forgotten to pack his morning snack!!  Or I suppose that is what you would call the items he was paying for??!?

This is what he had in hand. The total came to $4.19. He supplied the sales-lady behind the counter with $4.25 and told her to keep the change.  Quite thoughtful of him, donating to his employer 😉 Anyways…..

If you know me, you can imagine the outburst of thoughts running through my head; and here is somewhat of an interpretation.  “DUDE!!!  Do you realize what you could buy for $4.25 that WON’T poison your body with those chemicals?”

Food items that would #1 – satisfy you so that you don’t go searching for something else to eat 2 minutes because that is what will happen;  #2 – not lead to weight gain, sluggishness, irritability, lifestyle disease, etc, etc, etc; #3 – actually provide you with some NUTRITION, #4 – not make you feel like you need a nap in 2 hours!!

For $4.25, here is a simple list of healthier options…

*4 bananas and a small jar of peanut butter. At least 4 snacks w/ leftover PB!!

*an entire box of low sugar oatmeal packets. That is 12 snacks!

* 2 individual Greek yogurts and 2 apples. 2 snacks.

*a small container of hummus & a bag of baby carrots. MANY snacks!!

*a small container of almonds or mixed nuts & have one of the bananas from the previously mentioned snack. More than 2 snacks!

*an entire bag of whole wheat pretzels. Dip in the peanut butter from the previously mentioned snack. Again, many snacks!

* 2 string cheeses and 2 pears. 2 snacks.


These are just a FEW options…I could go on and on. OH yes, and what if Mr. Mt Dew had planned ahead and packed something….even more possibilities!! (ummm, including Shakeology, which would be my choice of course for under $4.25)! All of the above alternatives providing vitamins, nutrients, energy and good nutrition.

Just something to think about the next time you may be hungry and on a budget, or buying your morning snack!