My Flowers Might Die

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation May 26, 2015

Just kidding, Mom!! I promise I will keep them watered 🙂

We just had my mom in town to visit for a week and in conclusion, I need her around more!! My flowers look gorgeous and our bushes are cut! And no, I did not put my mom to work – she is the complete opposite of me when it comes to yard work. She loves it and I cannot stand it.
The week went by so quickly and things got done around my house that haven’t been done in months and probably won’t get done for several more months… cutting bushes, planting and watering my flowers.

IMG_5460But honestly, besides getting things done around the house we also went on walks, talked about our ideal days and family history, spent time at the baseball field, had dinner with my in-laws, planted tomato plants and picked fresh peas off the vine, laughed and relaxed with the girls at a friends’ house, enjoyed good dinners and good wine, tried new recipes, went shopping for ourselves and not for the kids (this NEVER happens), stopped by my favorite local foodie spots, went strawberry picking…and tried not to do things “real quick.”

During her visit, I realized that while I aim daily to slow down, be present and live in the moment, the words “real quick” come out of my mouth much too often – totally adverse to the daily life balance I try to achieve. However, a precious reminder for me of how important it is to take the time each morning to be grateful, pray, reflect, journal and water the flowers.