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by in Inspiration, & Motivation, Wellness June 1, 2012

My closest friends and family know that aside from spending time with them, there are few things in life that paint my “perfect picture” ……being active; crystal blue water; white sand; full-bodied red wine; warm sunny weather with a soft breeze; being out in the open air; the smell of Coppertone, ocean water and fresh flowers; good healthy fresh food, tanks tops & flip-flops, relaxing music. Simplicity.

Thanks to my dad, Jay and I got to travel to Key West, FL for a quick get away at the beginning of May.  There are two things I learned from that trip.

#1 – is it absolutely necessary to take the time out to get away with your significant other (and leave the kids at home)!

#2 – Key West is one of my favorite places – one that envelops all of my favorite things into 7 compact square miles

We flew into Miami and made the leisurely drive down to Key West on a Thursday; experiencing the gorgeous views of each of the larger Keys and a tranquil waterfront restaurant/bar in Islamorada on our way down. The main purpose of our trip was to attend a wedding, so we had a chance to catch up with friends that we hadn’t seen in quite a while – mostly by the pool bar during the day and at happy hours in the evening. We spent our days exploring the island by bike, drinking out of coconuts, shopping, snorkeling, and enjoying the fresh food and drinks.

There are an abundant amount of restaurants and bars in Key West with amazing character – 90% of them at least partially outdoors and all with live music.  Blue Heaven was one of my favorites; a place famous for their breakfast. The hostess stand was outside in a courtyard draped with sailcloth from the trees above, amidst all types of jungle looking plants. There was no line, but an extensive waiting list.  Everyone waiting to enjoy breakfast lined the bar with mimosa or bloody mary in hand.  A rare few drank coffee. A reggae band played from a wooden stage, which looked like it had been there for 50 years.  My breakfast was a bloody mary, fresh fruit and a blackened shrimp omelette – absolutely delicious! Most definitely worth taking a trip back down 🙂

Point being, Key West is a great get-away destination for adults and relatively easy to get to.  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t take my kids there; but am looking forward to our next adventure when we do take them with us.  Hoping only that our next destination also paints my perfect picture!

  1. Ok, you talked me into it…let’s go back ASAP!!!

  2. Wow! That sounds awesome! 🙂

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