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Day 8!  You all are doing GREAT and with only 2 1/2 days left of this challenge and continued change in your daily sugar intake, let’s touch on this SUGAR-FREE topic.

Trying to eliminate or reduce the amount of sugar in your diet definitely does not mean it is time to reach for those products labeled “sugar-free.”


In fact, “sugar-free” items in many cases are worse for you than the original “sugar-filled” ones. As we touched on last week, food companies add sugar to food items to make them more palatable to the average American, also making you (the consumer) want to come back and buy more. Food sales are a business. With our government and MOST food manufacturers it is unfortunately ALL about the bottom line and not our health.

So, be very aware of the “sugar-free” label. Sugar-free does not just mean that the sweetness has been removed. Remember, these companies need consumers to buy their foods. Sugar-free does mean that the sugar has been removed and an artificial sweetener has been added.

On average, artificial sweeteners – sucralose (Splenda), acesulfame potassium  (Sweet One), aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), neotame, and saccharin (Sweet’N Low) – are about 50x sweeter than sugar. This allows for us to use less and acquire an even sweeter flavor by amount when compared to table sugar. In turn causing the human body to become even more addicted to “sugar” and harder to stop those sweet cravings as we ride the blood sugar roller coaster throughout the day.

“The Purdue University scientists believe the fake sugar in diet sodas teases your body by pretending to give it real food. But when your body doesn’t get the things it expects, it becomes confused on how to respond.” Jacque Wilson, CNN

So, if you are counting calories or burning calories, trying to lose weight, change your eating habits, sleep better, improve your digestion, increase energy, fight lifestyle disease, clear up your skin, alleviate moodiness, balance hormones…curb your sweet tooth. Watch the amounts of sugar in your foods and reach for a more natural source.

Can you pronounce these ingredients?
If you cannot, you should not be eating it.
Anyone know what this label belongs to? coffee mate

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