Nothing Changes, It Only Gets Better

by in Blog Posts, Lifestyle January 12, 2015

It’s another rainy Monday here in Charlotte – but this one is different from the last 6 consecutive rainy Mondays!

The weekend began with an amazing Friday sharing news with my hubby that is bringing promise and opportunity to an inspiring 2015.

I feel filled with abundant love after a beautiful weekend overflowing with laughter. I went to blog this morning and found this blog that I wrote 2 years ago.

The only difference today is that I feel even more of a connection 2 years later. These women touch my soul with their open hearts, bringing such joy into my life.

Headed into the 2nd full week of the year – spend some time to nurture those relationships that mean the most to you. It may be a call, text, note or even a surprise visit. My feeling is that your person is needing or wanting to hear from you as much as you want to reach out to them.



Happy Monday!  Have an inspiring week 🙂