Once Upon a Time….

by in Inspiration, & Motivation October 31, 2012

Once upon a time, in the summer of 2012 there was a lovely young couple living in Northern Virginia.  A husband and wife, full of personality and enjoying life. Both were working parents of two adorable little boys, ages 2 and 3; living, as you can imagine, in quite the busy household.

Being in their 30s, this couple decided they were ready to take on a challenge.  Together, they wanted to feel great, live a life of vitality, set a good example for their kids…….oh yes, lose a couple of pounds and gain lean muscle too! They were dedicated and ready to make significant changes to their current lifestyle.  Each of them setting their own goals and deciding together that nothing would stand in their way.

The only roadblock: deciding on what program to choose that would help each of them reach their personal goals.  It did not seem as though one program would be a good fit for both of them.

Magically, their fairy health coach appeared and the problem was solved. “Never fear, I have a program for each of you!”

It was then that the lovely young couple came to a conclusion. The husband would commit to Insanity (60 days) and the wife, Les Mills Pump (90 days).  They would also commit to a nutrition plan full of nutrient dense foods and one delicious Shakeology each day.

As the days went by, there were good and bad; highs and lows, lazy and super busy days; interruptions from kids, changes in schedules, some slight slip-ups…..but 99% of the time, the lovely young couple stayed on track and committed to themselves and their goals.

At the end of this challenge, the lovely young couple was pleasantly surprised with their results and established long-lasting changes in their lives.  Exercise is not a question now; it is part of a routine.  Healthy meals and snacks are standard in their household and the lovely young couple will live a long prosperous life; healthy and happily ever after.

**ok, so I hope you all enjoyed my “fairy tale” – but here is the truth!**

This is about my friend Erin and her husband, Jeremy. I was so impressed with these two and their commitment that I wanted to share with the world.  In short, Erin has never been overweight; but after having 2 kids, she wanted to get back to feeling  good in her clothes and gain some lean muscle.

After just 60 days, Erin lost 4 lbs and 7 inches!!! More importantly, she feels great and found out that she has some kick ass abdominal muscles! She loved the pump program, the results and continues to use it currently.

Jeremy explained to me that he had a few pounds to shed and wanted to gain muscle. Being a diabetic, he also wanted to make lifestyle changes that would allow him to have better control over his blood sugar.  He decided to go with the Insanity program because he wanted to see the weight come off quickly and the workouts were shorter (which he needed since he got up most mornings at 4:30AM to get in his workouts!) After just 60 days, Jeremy dropped 2 pant sizes and 10+ pounds. He went from barely being able to do 25 push-ups, to cranking out 50-60 with no problem!! MOST importantly, Jeremy is now taking a lot less insulin and his latest lab results came back flawless.

The fact that these two were both committed and made changes together, definitely played a role in their successes.  All of us need accountability and motivation!!  Find a workout buddy & a program that you like; find someone who will push you and hold you accountable and get goin’!

Way to go, guys!!  I am so proud of you!!  Keep up the great work 🙂