Only 25 Minutes & Vitamin D!

by in Beachbody, Wellness April 22, 2014

cropped-07-july-2011-224.jpgIt Spring break this week for us and I am overjoyed that the sun is shining and I get some “time off” with my family this week!

Already in my suitcase are T25, P90X3 and Shakeology – my mobile health & wellness pack. Doing T25 in the hotel fitness center is always a fun way to strike up a conversation 🙂

What is the biggest comment/excuse when it comes to exercise??

“I don’t have enough time!” 

OK, so we are ALL busy and need more time in our day. BUT, if you want something badly enough you will find a way to get it. Do you want to be healthy, feel great, be active and stay active? Decrease stress and live a life full of vitality?

OR do you want to continue just sitting in limbo talking about how you need to do something, how you are sick of feeling sluggish and lacking energy and carrying around those extra pounds?

Time to take some action and hold yourself accountable and T25 may be the answer for you! Only 25 minutes a day!!  People are getting amazing results with this program and good news – the T25 challenge pack is on super sale through April 30th.

Take a look at T25 here!

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 sunAND, back to the sun shining – are you aware of the importance of  Vitamin D ? It  is the only vitamin we can make by standing in the sun. Vitamin D is actually a fat-soluble hormone essential for growing and maintaining strong, healthy bones and supporting a strong immune system that helps protect against cancer. 
We can also eat it in fish, liver, milk, eggs and mushrooms. Most milk, cereal and orange juice is also fortified with vitamin D; and Shakeology has 50% of your recommended daily value. However, experts agree that we are getting enough vitamin D; especially since the majority of Americans sit inside at a desk for most of the day!
Scientists are finding links between vitamin D and a whole spectrum of health conditions; cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, weak bones (osteoporosis), cancer and asthma in children. Both muscles and nerves need vitamin D to function well. Vitamin D also helps the immune system to reduce inflammation and moderate cell growth.
So when you can,  take 15 minutes each day this week and get outside, enjoy the sunshine and eat well! 
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