by in Inspiration, & Motivation June 2, 2011

Who are your people?  Some of us have one or two. Others have a handful.  I feel extremely blessed to have several in my life and strive to tell them in a variety of ways that they are just that – my people.  It seems to me that everyone has them, but do you truly know who yours are?  Most likely you do; however, I feel that it is very refreshing to truly recognize and think about the qualities in those people who make a difference in your life.

I am not talking about co-workers or neighbors, fellow church members or the lady you bump into in the produce section every Monday morning.  Don’t get me wrong, these people can and probably do have an impact in your life. They may even change the course of your day or inspire you in some way. However, I am talking about those people in your life who make a notable difference, a profound imprint on your heart; those people who you think about and a smile grows across your face.

These are the souls in your life who look at you with admiration and joy in their eyes when time has come between you, and vice versa.  These are the ones who can tell by the tone of your voice that something is upsetting you; before you get the words out of your mouth, “I really need to talk to you about…” If possible, in an instant they would take your pain on themselves and carry it for you. You can sit and share a glass of wine with them in complete silence or talk incessantly for hours – either is fine and enjoyable.

They love you unconditionally with absolutely no judgment.  They accept you no matter what your flaws are, what mistakes or bad decisions you make. You can express exactly how you are feeling and don’t need to preface it with, “I am not trying to offend you….” or “I don’t mean to sound harsh, but….” There is no judgment.  They identify with you.  They understand you.  You can laugh, cry and raise your voice all within the same hour and always end it with “I love you even if we don’t agree.” There is no falseness in this relationship.  No need to sugar coat things, no controlling egos, no second guessing, no doubts.

These are the people in your life who you hug with meaning.  A hug that lasts 15 seconds and you still don’t want to let go. Personally, I love hugs; when they hold a purpose.  Those of you who know me may be familiar with the fact that I actually do not enjoy hugs when it involves patting on the back.  A pat…what is that?  It’s kind of like saying, “Ok, I’ll hug you…now get off!”  YUCK!  Hug like you mean it; if not, why bother?

 A wise woman once said, “Get rid of the negative people in your life – surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and inspire you.” I love this quote and I have found it very uplifting to surround myself with positive shiny, happy people.   What an amazing opportunity to be encircled with people like this throughout your lifetime.  Family and friends who will inspire, encourage, motivate, lift you up, brighten your day and revitalize your spirit. Do your people do this?  Mine do. They know who they are and I thank God for them every day.