Pre Holiday 21 Day Challenge!

by in Beachbody, Food & Nutrition, Wellness October 17, 2013

This is your last chance for FREE accountability before the holidays!  and who doesn’t want to look and feel fabulous over the holidays??

Don’t give in to cookies, cakes, pies and treats everywhere you turn!  This is the perfect way to stay on track and be accountable to yourself!

My Pre-Holiday Clean Eating Challenge starts on November 4th!

The deadline to join is October 28th.

With this challenge you get a 21 day meal plan, a 30 day bag of Shakeology, excellent fitness and nutrition tips, and access to an online accountability group AND 24/7 support.

All you have to do is send an email to saying “I WILL stay on track during the holidays!” and I will send you the additional information.

That’s it!  After you join, I will give you access to the meal plans, fitness and nutrition tips and an online accountability group for support and motivation! AND if you don’t see results or are unhappy in any way, you can get your money back with our “bottom of the bag” guarantee!

I am looking forward to hearing from YOU!


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