September 28

by in Inspiration, & Motivation, Kids Health September 28, 2012

My baby turns 10 today!  We have hit the double digits! Every year on this day, I experience a bit of overwhelming emotion and always wonder if other moms experience the same on their kids’ birthdays. I mean, let’s face it….I do cry over Hallmark cards and Grey’s Anatomy; so maybe I am alone in this teary “no-more toddler” world?!?!

It was nice to know that my feelings were justified this morning after chatting with one of my bestest girlfriends and knowing that yes,  she too gets emotional and teary on her kids’ birthdays! Thanks,Becky 🙂

For the most part every year, this day is filled with laughter & fun, a party, cake & ice cream, time spent with family & friends…….and then there is little old me having my teary moments and remembering……

This sappy situation usually resolves itself in one good crying moment; as the flashbacks of Jordan’s birth and facing the fact that he is growing up TOO fast come crashing down around me.  His 4lb 4oz little body, my amazing husband, the smells, the sounds, the phone calls, the people, the environment……I can recall EVERY single detail of September 28, 2002 and the 3 1/2 week stay in the hospital after that day. With each year that passes, that time frame plays like a movie in my head;  as if to serve as a reminder of how blessed we are to have him here.

Jordan, you are a blessing. You are a miracle. You make us smile, laugh, cry and most of all you make us proud of you everyday!!!  Happy Birthday!