Food Journal Consult

Review, evaluation and assessment of current macronutrient and caloric intake. Develop modifications, suggestions and established plan for change. Ideal for gut imbalance issues, inflammatory symptoms, food intolerance and weight fluctuations.

Corrective Assessment Program

6 Week Corrective Exercise Plan 12 Week Corrective Exercise Plan
Ideal for clients with daily pain or issues in the body that prevent their ability to perform daily tasks or set goals.

Wine & Wellness Hour

(minimum of 6 people) Business is about connection. 

Invite coworkers, neighbors or friends for an interactive, 
relaxed evening of wellness and networking.

Coaching Sessions

(multiple session packages)
Review, evaluation and assessment of current lifestyle to identify a customized plan for improved mind, body and spirit. Ideal for weight loss, goal setting, improved mindset, and behavior change.

Business Enrichment Program

Connecting with wellness clients and business owners to develop a plan to improve growth and making a lasting impact in the community.

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