Stop to Connect

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation March 16, 2015

Do you hear the birds chirping – even at 5am when it is still pitch black outside? Notice the flowers popping up? The rainbow of colors as the sun rises? The warm air touching your skin? The vibrant green buds on the trees?

The changing of seasons. Spring TIME. Time to soak it all in.

When you connect with nature – your soul connects to a universal energy.

This is energy that you cannot feel from your office chair, your computer or in your car. It is simply different when you open your heart & mind to the nature that surrounds you. It is a powerful energy.

“There is intelligence in nature that brings balance and harmony to the mind, heart and soul.” – Rolf Gates

Do you take time to connect to that inner peace? Your truth. Stepping closer to connection and further from fear and distraction.

Stop and smell the roses.

Also, feel the sun that feeds them, touch the dirt they grow in, see the thorns, listen to the leaves….