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Have You Had Enough?

by in Blog Posts, Food & Nutrition November 1, 2015

Halloween candy yet?? UGH – the amount of candy my kids came home with last night is a dentist’s dream! I told them I think they should pick out 20 of their favorites and donate the rest. and I thought 20 was being generous!!   Here are some great tips on GETTING RID OF THAT CANDY from […]

Easter Baskets!

by in Food & Nutrition, Kids Health April 9, 2014

Easter is especially late this year and also creeping up on us quickly! What does Easter mean for your family? The Easter bunny, an egg hunt, church on Sunday morning, brunch with family and friends, jelly beans, Easter baskets, special traditions, spring weather, pretty dresses, chocolate eggs, Easter candy…….. and more candy?!?! I was actually […]

A few thoughts before Monday

by in Food & Nutrition January 5, 2013

2 more days to join in the FREE 21 day challenge and start off 2013 happy, healthy and feeling fantastic!! There are about 30 people who have emailed saying they are committed!!  Who else wants to join us? Invite, invite, invite!!  Ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers – more support = more success! Email me […]