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7 Days, 7 Prayers, 7 Ingredients

by in Blog Posts, Spiritual October 4, 2018

7 days until our daughter, Kendall,  turns 14. I am not quite sure how this happened in the blink of an eye and time has passed so quickly, but I cherish every moment I get to spend with her (even those moments of 14-year-old hormonal craziness). Her spunkiness, giving heart, passion for helping others and […]

September 28

by in Inspiration, & Motivation, Kids Health September 28, 2012

My baby turns 10 today!  We have hit the double digits! Every year on this day, I experience a bit of overwhelming emotion and always wonder if other moms experience the same on their kids’ birthdays. I mean, let’s face it….I do cry over Hallmark cards and Grey’s Anatomy; so maybe I am alone in this teary “no-more […]