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A few thoughts before Monday

by in Food & Nutrition January 5, 2013

2 more days to join in the FREE 21 day challenge and start off 2013 happy, healthy and feeling fantastic!! There are about 30 people who have emailed saying they are committed!!  Who else wants to join us? Invite, invite, invite!!  Ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers – more support = more success! Email me […]

More on The Challenge!

by in Food & Nutrition January 3, 2013

To help you all prepare for the 21 days ahead, I am going to break down some the challenge rules, so you can spend the next few days planning. *Let me first touch on ingredients.  The deal with any processed food is that people are always looking at calories and fat grams on ingredient labels […]

Sugar-LESS Rules!

by in Food & Nutrition, Wellness October 7, 2012

OCTOBER 8 – 14th  SUGAR-LESS CHALLENGE RULES!   You are receiving the rules for this challenge because you are committed and have taken the honorary pledge to go for the next week without sugar! Feel free to share this with family & friends and get them to join you!!! I, ________________ commit to eating a clean, healthy […]