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A fresh start

by in Fitness, Health April 19, 2012

Ok guys, so I have to blog about this.  Obviously, you can choose to read or not to read…but this is the deal. I started a new fitness program on Monday – Les Mills Pump.  For those of you who know group fitness, Les Mills is the elite in group fitness. In my opinion, they […]

Is it just a calorie?

by in Food & Nutrition October 21, 2011

When it comes to weight loss and making healthy food choices, most of us turn to food labels to meticulously investigate the number on the box indicating how many calories we are about to consume.  How many calories are in this bowl of corn flakes?  How many calories were in the chicken and broccoli that […]

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

by in Beachbody, Fitness June 15, 2011

I am often asked the question, “What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic training?”  or “At what point does your body switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism?”  Well, the simple answer is aerobic means “with oxygen” and anaerobic means “without oxygen.” The point during exercise that your body switches from one system to the other depends […]