“The Letter” Re-Blog

by in Blog Posts, Inspiration, & Motivation April 14, 2015

I have been blogging now for 4 years. Over 150 blogs.
Each time I blog, something sparks inspiration to write.

I listened to a sermon on Sunday at our church on the power of forgiveness and prayer when things are going your way, but also when things are not. Not only praying to ask God for help in life, but also prayer to thank God for all that we have in our lives already.forgive

I found it interesting this morning that I wasn’t inspired to write on any specific topic, yet found myself looking back through older blogs that I have written over the past 4 years.
This was the first one I clicked on. Not knowing what it was about because my blog titles are not always suitable to the content; it made sense to re-post it as it aligns perfectly with the sermon from Sunday.

My only change from the original, posted 3 years ago, would be the title.

The Letter