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by in Inspiration, & Motivation January 17, 2012

The power of forgiveness – one of the most important things you can do for yourself and the people you love; is to forgive. I have had to forgive. The people in my life who I love the most have had to forgive me – several times! It’s powerful – forgiveness.

It was not my intention to blog about this today – in fact, this is completely off the subject of what I began writing about this morning.  But, when I read Brian Tracy’s blog this afternoon, his words rang SO true with me that I felt compelled to post this.  I hope that this does not make me a blog “stealer,” but a blog “sharer.”
This man is full of wisdom, insight, motivation, knowledge.  He was put on this earth to motivate and teach – and this blog does just that. I happen to agree 100% with what he is saying.

One part of this blog that I love and have actually done myself,  is the letter.  Even if you do not mail it or share it with your intended audience, write the letter.  I have written the letter and still have it tucked away in the top of my closet. I wrote it (2 of them actually) about 4 years ago with the intent to mail it, but  never did.  I felt so content and de-stressed after just getting my feelings out on paper that I never put the stamp on the envelope. Writing the letter will free you and lift a burden off your shoulders that you shouldn’t be carrying with you; one that you may not even realize how intensely has been weighing you down.

SO, take 5 minutes and read this. Take it all in and practice what he preaches.

How To Let Go – Brian Tracy


  1. Lindsey, I just listened to Brian’s video within his blog and it was good too. Thanks for sharing. This is so true.
    LY, Cindy

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