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by in Beachbody, Fitness December 9, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day!  P90X3 is here. Many of you know that Jay and I use almost ALL of the Beachbody workouts to stay in shape.  Some I love, others not so much – but there is something for everyone!

P90X was my first Beachbody workout almost 9 years ago. It was based on the principle of muscle confusion and it worked!  Millions of people across the country did P90X and got in great shape. We still use the workouts today. But the truth is they are long and many people (that didn’t have a fantastic coach) didn’t stick with the program.

Then P90X2 came out about 2 years ago. This was a program based on core stabilization and muscle integration. With a lot of resistance moves and stability ball core work, these workouts were slightly shorter than P90X and challenging in a different way than P90Xers were used to. This program truthfully wasn’t a big hit. Again, we still use some of the workouts today, but this was not one of my top Beachbody programs by choice.

The MAIN issue with these programs is that most people do not have an hour or more to spend on their workouts!  We are all busy and need something that is quicker and effective to get the most out of our time. This is one reason why I absolutely love the T25 Workouts

Tomorrow P90X3 comes out and I am PSYCHED!  This program is based on muscle acceleration for speed, balance, strength and range of movement. There are modifications for each exercise to incorporate all fitness levels. X3 is a 90 day program, split into 3 Blocks. It comes with 16 workouts (all 30 minutes except for the new Ab Ripper which is 15), a nutrition guide, workout calendar and a X3 hat for anyone who orders in December.

I will be doing this program starting in January and hosting a test group for anyone who wants to join and needs some extra accountability to stay on track (don’t we all need this?!!) Email me for more information at or go to Get X3 after 12/10!


“You don’t get off easy, you just finish faster.” – Tony Horton

The Hype with X3