This was for YOU!

by in Food & Nutrition, Wellness October 16, 2012

This past Sunday brought our week-long, “Sugar-LESS” challenge to a close.  As I pointed out when we all embarked on this week of restricted sugar intake – this was for YOU and only you. There was no way for me to know if you were committed or not, except by your word.  It was meant to inform and educate on the amount of sugar in our food and the effect it has on our bodies; making you more aware. I wanted you all to realize that yes, you can go without that artificial creamer in your coffee, that soda at lunch or that bar (that you thought was healthy, but really is not)!

Some people kept quiet throughout the week and others emailed me almost every day!  I must say that I LOVED the emails and messages that I received. Here are a few that I wanted to share with you….

”I made it through the whole week with no cheating.  Even out with my sisters this weekend in Georgetown (passing Godiva and Georgetown cupcakes!!! ). And no Starbucks either!!  I felt really good and stayed the course even this morning for breakfast.  It was a great challenge and has made me so aware of the amount of sugar that I didn’t even know I was consuming.  So thank you!!!!  Plus I lost 2 pounds.”

When talking about the amount of sugar in juices…..“Try squeezing your own juice.  Now that the fresh oranges and grapefruit are coming into season, squeezing is the way to go. “

“I’ve been talking to the other teachers at school during lunch about what I’m doing and one of them came back the next and told me how she was checking the labels of everything she was purchasing at the grocery store!! ;)”

“This has definitely opened my eyes to some things that I eat that have more sugar in them than I realized.”

“HFCS-Don’t do it.”

“I am doing well on this sugar-free challenge. Not too hard. Since it is cold out I’ve been wanting coffee to warm me!!! I had gained a little belly bulge recently and it seems to be deflating this week!!! Eating clean and smart really does work.”

“We went  to the mall last night and  we kept passing places for froyo, Cold Stone….she was craving brownies & I wanted Starbucks.  But being together, we kept moving along for the task at hand!”     **A support system makes the difference!!**

“I love the tidbits of information coming in! Definitely making me more aware of ingredients in my food:)”

Cheers to YOU and your health!!♥