‘Tis the Season

by in Food & Nutrition November 19, 2012

Here we are  – Thanksgiving week and the holidays are in full swing! This week officially kicks off the holiday spirit and season; gathering with family, holiday decorations and music, parties, sharing the meaning of giving, Santa, shopping and FOOD! Lots of food!  Let’s face it, the holidays are a huge social time and social situations always revolve around food.

So more likely than not, you will over-indulge this Thursday; eat, drink and be merry! You may have that extra piece of pie; that turkey sandwich at 10pm while watching Christmas Vacation; enjoy that cheesy breakfast casserole; spike your coffee with some Baileys; graze over the delicious spread of mouth-watering, fat laden appetizers………..hmmmmmmm.

Well, enjoy it!!!  You work hard, make healthy food choices, stick to your exercise schedule – you deserve this day!! Pat yourself on the back, kick off your shoes and relax 🙂

Now, if you are thinking to yourself, “Well, I try to make healthy food choices….and I kind of stick to my exercise schedule……” then enjoy your day too!!  But, think about what it is that would help you get started and stay motivated and on track with an exercise plan. Set a goal for yourself to pick a program for YOU and do it BEFORE New Years!!! Yes, the New Year always seems like a good place to start – but why not December 1st??!?!  Get going now and be well on your way to feeling fabulous by Christmas.

If you need help figuring out a plan, call me!  This is what I love to do – help people get healthy and keep them motivated!! Take it from a few of my favorite people:

A client that I text with daily for motivation with her home fitness program said, “I almost sent you a text telling you how I was tired, felt yucky & didn’t feel like working out; but after I typed it, I erased it and went to do pump & shred for the first time. I am so grateful I erased it and worked out – I feel so much better!”

A long time friend said after finishing a program, “For the first time in over 20 years my blood work is normal. Push play, eat clean and pay it forward.”

A challenge customer who is in the middle of a program said, “I feel good!  I feel strong….I just did my cardio for today. I ran 4 miles and did it a full minute faster than last week!!”

There are many many options for all fitness levels!

Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!