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9/11/01. This day is and will forever be a somber reminder of what an amazing nation we live in; how we CAN all pull together as Americans and human beings; and how unbelievably proud we are of those who risk their lives daily to fight for our freedom.

Not ONE dignified American will let today pass without thinking of that day in 2001; the twin towers, the pentagon, the heroes of flight 73.

But on this 11th year anniversary, it feels slightly different from years past. Jay and I sat at dinner last night and explained to Jordan and Kendall exactly what happened that day; answering their barrage of questions. Our twisted attempt to explain the whys: why would someone do something like that? Why would those “bad” people want to die? Why fly a plane into a building? Why did it take so long to find bin Laden? Why would anyone want to hurt so many innocent people? Why?

Quite an adult conversation for a 9 & 7 year old; but a part of our history that they need to and want to know about.

We revealed the emotions of that morning; our surroundings at work and how we frantically tried to figure out what plane my dad was on, flying from Boston to Washington, DC .  I vividly remember sitting in my office, speaking to my mom on the phone after the second plane hit and her screaming, “One just hit the Pentagon!” Quickly after, the phone lines were tied up and people sat glued to their TVs afraid to go anywhere. A nation now paralyzed with sadness and uncertainty; fearing any plane that flew overhead and anyone of altering ethnicities.

In the days, weeks and months that followed, American flags flew on every corner and were proudly displayed on cars, buildings, and on clothing. There was an unspoken sense of unity throughout.

9/11/12. Today, our kids went to school dressed in red, white and blue. Our flag is flying high over our front porch, as it does every day, and a few more prayers were said for the victim’s families, men and women who serve our country.

We will never forget. God Bless the USA!

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