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by in Inspiration, & Motivation September 11, 2014

Do you have a friend with whom you really look forward to talking with?

As we grow and mature, our circles shrink. Our time becomes more precious. We come to know who we truly are, what we are about and what imprint we want to make in this lifetime. We find ourselves with fewer people in our true circle of friends – however more meaningful, deeper relationships.

Our time is precious. Our circles shrink. Our hearts grow.

So…do you have that friend or friends? One you could talk to for hours and get lost down a twisting road map of conversation….
Not a discussion about the clothes you are wearing or what is going on in Sally’s life or the next PTA event or which team is predicted to win the football game this weekend. Those are different interactions. I am talking about conversations that have a significant impact on your life.

A dear friend of mine has a way with words and a deep level of thinking. When she speaks, I love to listen and each moment we spend together, I learn something.

This morning I was reading an email from her in which part of it read,

“Be a perpetual student. When we know better, we do better; treat life like a school.”

I just love that and it is so true. How life can be, if you are open to it and eager to learn…

My thought for you all this morning…go into today and be a student. Let go of ego. What can you learn? You may be amazed….


  1. What a great piece Lindsey! I totally agree and for me, you are definitely one of those people! Thanks for always giving me a different perspective on things!

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