Typical Conversation

by in Beachbody, Fitness, Food & Nutrition September 6, 2012

Conversation with AT LEAST one woman a day goes something like this…

I will call her Sally.

Sally says – “Well, I have been eating so much better and following my exercise plan.  I feel great and I can already tell that my jeans aren’t as tight as they used to be; so that made me feel really good! But then I got on the scale last night and I gained 4 pounds!  Now I just feel discouraged.”

Me – “OK, so why did you decide to weight yourself?  We talked about not weighing yourself for at least the first 30 days.”

Sally – “Well, I just wanted to see if I had really lost any weight.”

Me – “I understand that; but didn’t you just tell me that your jeans are fitting better and you are feeling great?”

Sally – “Yes.”

Me – “OK then, will you do me a favor?”

Sally – “Sure.”

Me – “Get rid of your scale!!”

The thing is that most women (and some men) are obsessed about that number; but the question is WHY?

We are talking about a measly number and when we really think about it……who cares what that number is! It is a set of digits strung together – not taking any consideration to body composition.

Say you are going out on a date with your significant other. I can say with extreme certainty that he is not going to look at you as you get in the car, ready to go on your date and say “Did you weight yourself today? How much did you weight? I need that number.” NO!!  Most likely he will say, “damn, girl – you are looking hot in those jeans!”

Women (and some men) still think to themselves, “Oh, if I could only be at 125, like I was in high school.” Well, think of it like this; what if you NEVER knew how much you weighed in high school, college, or whenever!  What if you never had that “baseline” to compare yourself to? Then you would just have to go about your day, realizing and being aware of how you feel and look in your clothes. Exactly! Awesome!  Let’s move on from there…..

Here is a news flash….most likely you will never be back to that 125!!  BUT, I do guarantee that if you do the right things your body would be a healthier, better running machine NOW than it ever was at that 125 number.

You may have heard something like this comparison before, but if not I will give this example…

Our friend Sally is now out shopping with her friend Lucy. They are in a dressing room at a department store in the mall. They are both female, both average height and the both the same weight. However, Sally is wearing a size 4 pair of jeans and Lucy is trying on a size 10. That is a serious difference; in inches!

Basically, it comes down to a couple things:

  •   muscle weights more than fat!
  •   fat takes up much more space than muscle
  •   Sally is doing Les Mills Pump and is eating healthy, nutrient dense foods to fuel her body.

Ladies (and men)…do yourselves a favor and don’t waste your precious time during the day weighing yourself. Take some time for yourself to do what it takes to be healthy and fit and your body will respond 🙂

**Dedicated to my “Sallys” – I love you all :)**

  1. I am totally a “sally”!!! I SO had this conversation with you yesterday!!!!!! HILARIOUS 🙂
    It was nice meeting you yesterday as well and I will see you at the kid’s practice!

  2. OMG! That is funny! Glad to see you on here; since you are not a social media fan 🙂 It was great to meet you too. See you soon – keep me updated on P90X!

  3. Pretty good stuff. You sound great!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I finally just read this. OH my….I am such a Sally! That is a hard habit to break!

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